Elden Henson. Deborah Ann Woll. And now Ayelet Zurer. As Daredevil: Born Again starts production in and around New York City with stars Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jon Bernthal reprising their respective roles from the Netflix Defenders-verse series, details about cast members from the series not returning are beginning to emerge.

The latest news, courtesy of THR’s Heat Vision, is that Sandrine Holt has been cast as Vanessa Fisk, the wife of Wilson Fisk, indicating that Zurer, who played the role on Netflix’s Daredevil will not be returning.

The news should raise several questions about the nature of the relationship between the Netflix series and the new Disney Plus streaming series. It’s widely believed that Michael Gandolfini will be playing Fisk’s adult son in the series. Given a new actress has been cast as Vanessa and an adult son that was never acknowledged in Netflix’s Daredevil now exists, it would be easy to take Cox‘s comments about Born Again being “a whole new deal” to mean the new series will not be tied to Daredevil very tightly, if at all.

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