Caribou is an infamous rookie pirate who was at the Sabaody Archipelago around the time of the Straw Hat Pirates’ reunion. He has been an interesting character ever since Fishman Island.

So far, Caribou has knowledge of Shirahoshi being one of the ancient weapons, and Pluton being hidden somewhere in Wano. It feels like Oda is very slowly building up Caribou’s role in the One Piece World.

He is a odd character. He has double ring eyes. We don’t know the significant yet of these types of eyes, but only a select few have them and that is Imu and Mihawk, Caribou and Zunisha. There is also Cavendish, but his changes depending on which personality is in control.

Now with all the talk of clones, could Caribou be a clone? Because there is someone he looks like and that is Gaburu. Gaburu is a revolutionary solider that was killed at some point in the past.

The thing is both Gaburu and Dragon are based off of Cuban figures. Dragon is based off of Fidel Castro the Cuban revolutionary leader as Oda stated Dragon would be Cuban if he was real. Oda stated the name of his ship is the Wind Granma, and the Granma is the ship Fidel used to transport revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba.

Caribou Is A Member Of The Revolutionary Army

While Gaburu and in extension Caribou looks a lot like Che Guevara the face of the Cuban revolutionary and a top officer of Fidel Castro.

Similar to how Sabo became the face of revolutionary army now. Could Gaburu been Dragon’s former right hand?

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