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Best Make GUEST BLOGGING You Will Read This Year


Guest blogging is when you write a free post for someone else’s blog. Guest posting is used by businesses as part of their digital marketing plan to gain backlinks and increase web traffic, but it’s also akin to public relations. The goal of public relations (PR) is to get free publicity for a company. A ground-breaking story is pitch to the media by public relations agents. The media and other influencers will publish and distribute the story (and pitch) if it is good enough.

The procedure for guest blogging is identical. You, as a freelance writer, submit a few ideas to a reputable site. If the blog accepts you, your content will be share with their audience. Guest blogging has progressed far beyond simply being a technique to get the word out about your blog. It is now widely utilize as a potent SEO strategy. Everyone is using guest articles as a worthwhile marketing approach, from tiny blog owners to multi-billion dollar organizations. Intel, Salesforce, and Xbox are just a few of the companies who routinely publish guest blogs!

I experimented with guest blogging from January 4 to January 18, 2019. I went through each stage of the guest blogging procedure over the course of these 15 days. Finding the appropriate connections, cold email outreach, topic pitching, brainstorming and writing draughts, and finally submitting guest pieces to get them publish were all parts of this process. I started emailing 68 different blogs on January 4 to see if I could submit a guest article. 28 of the 68 of these sites showed interest. I presented subjects to 18 of these 28 people. In the end, I had eight pieces published on these 18 sites in just 15 days. In fact, stories were publish three days in a row on the final three days of the experiment—January 16, 17, and 18.

Benefits of guest posting

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Bottom line

Guest blogging is becoming an increasingly important component of SEO marketing efforts. It not only generates high-quality leads and traffic while also increasing your website’s authority, but it also helps you develop your network, grow your social media presence, and raise brand recognition. To take advantage of these privileges, however, you must strictly adhere to the guest blog standards. While there are several aspects to consider, it is critical that you undertake thorough research before to making any guest blog proposal.

Given how important guest blogging has become in terms of SEO in recent years, any company may use it to improve their website’s performance and sales. Even a casino, for example, may now use SEO casino services to strengthen their content and SEO marketing approach. But you can ignore the casino content.


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