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The AER 557 has a simple yet elegant design. The 557 rides smoothly and quietly thanks to its integrated silent, powerful 500W direct drive motor, which does not sacrifice performance or speed. The large capacity replaceable battery design of the scooter allows for quick replacement or charging anywhere, at any time. The scooter has a maximum range of 20 kilometres per charge.

Furthermore, stopping will be effortless thanks to the power of the front and rear Maguro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

AER Electric has spent £1 million on the design and development of a new class of electric scooters. The end result is a whole package that is advantageous to anyone looking for a modern, stylish, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Given these efforts, it comes as no surprise that it was featured in WIRED and T3 magazines and won a trophy at the 2019 Euro Bike Awards. About its quality and class, we are at a loss for words.

The stylish handlebars can accommodate hands of any size with ease. They also have a high-quality, detachable LED display that tracks battery life and speed. It also features four driving modes, an intelligent drive system with GPS, and a built-in immobilizer. The front and back lights will help other cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians to see you.

The aer 557 scooter also features a double-legged kickstand for easy parking. Combining these features with its straightforward folding mechanism, excellent riding quality, and best-in-class construction may result in an Oscar-worthy PEV.

Performance Overview

The AER 557 has changed how people perceive and use electric scooters. It is powered by a 500W hub motor with a torque of more than 50 Nm. Due to the strong torque, it can easily tow a maximum weight of 265 pounds and reach an astounding top speed of 27 mph (43 kph).

The high-performance e-scooter comes with four distinct speed settings, allowing you to drive as you please. A detachable Panasonic cell battery with a capacity of 557 Wh is also included, allowing you to travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. The scooter also has two Magura hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping.


The AER 557 is a potent electric scooter with a top speed of 27 mph that is more than sufficient for any rider. The scooter’s light weight allows it to accelerate quickly, which makes it easier to manoeuvre quickly when needed.

The scooter has four distinct riding modes that allow users to tailor the maximum speed to their preferences. You can select your preferred speed setting by using the display on the handlebars.

Hill Climbing

The 557 can easily climb slopes of 15% or slightly higher, but AER hasn’t specified a specific gradient for this scooter’s ability to do so. This is because of the size of the engine, the power it produces, and the size of the tyres.


The AER 557 Electric Scooter is powered by a cutting-edge battery system with a removable Panasonic cell. The battery’s excellent 557Wh power capacity allows for high performance. The scooter runs well for a long time because Panasonic batteries are known for their high quality and dependability.

The scooter can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for most city trips. The scooter’s changeable battery technology allows it to carry extra batteries and extend the range of a single charge far beyond 20 kilometres. All you have to do to use it is buy an extra battery pack. As an added measure of security, the battery is secured with a keyed lock mechanism.

Motor Configuration

The 557 is powered by a 500W quiet direct-drive electric motor located in the back hub. The motor generates a fantastic 50 Nm of torque. The motor’s tremendous torque allows it to readily achieve its greatest speeds. Direct drive motors are renowned for their efficiency and dependability because they do not have gears, which saves space, increases durability, and reduces noise.


Because of the frame’s sturdy and lightweight hydroformed aluminium construction, you may carry it. Aluminium alloy frames are also rust-resistant, easy to maintain, and less likely to corrode over time. Furthermore, the scooter looks unprofessional because it has a lot of exposed wiring.

The scooter has a sleek, modern appearance that has been painstakingly crafted to maximise its visual appeal. It reinterprets modern scooter design. Because it is made of high-quality materials, the scooter’s entire frame structure is strong and reliable for long-term use.

The scooter’s futuristic design is enhanced by the use of a non-slip bamboo deck to ensure that you have a secure hold while riding. Each rider will have more than enough room on the sturdy deck, which can support up to 265 pounds of weight. Additionally intended to keep your scooter steady while it is parked is the twin legs kickstand that is integrated into the deck. The mudguards on each of the tyres are also clearly visible.


Despite the lack of a suspension system, the 557 rides differently than other scooters without shock absorbers. A scooter’s 20-inch tyres reduce vibrations and make riding more comfortable. The scooter’s hydroformed aluminium frame and bamboo deck are also designed to bend and absorb vibrations.

Ride Quality

Despite the lack of a suspension system, the 557 rides differently than other scooters without shock absorbers. The scooter’s 20-inch tyres reduce vibrations and make riding more comfortable. This scooter’s hydroformed aluminium frame and bamboo deck also designed to bend and absorb vibrations.

The scooter’s foldable and height-adjustable stem allows users of all heights to operate it. The huge 20-inch wheels on the scooter’s excellent Schwalbe tyres dampen vibrations, making riding thrilling and simple. Large tyres offer advantages like easier obstacle rolling, better balance, more grip, and quicker acceleration.

The scooter includes a large bamboo foot platform. The deck is non-slip, which improves rider control of the scooter. Furthermore, the direct-drive motor is quiet, allowing you to ride discreetly. Furthermore, the scooter has a lighting system on both the front and back, making illumination at night or in inclement weather simple.

So, Is Scooter Insurance Available?

Riders of electric scooters should, at the very least, have health insurance to cover them in the event of an accident. However, as of right now, only Nationwide, which does provide scooter insurance, will provide coverage for users of privately owned scooters.

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