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Fruits, vegetables, Ice cream, and more. How do you think all these get near you? This is where cold chain logistics comes in. Keep reading on to find out everything you need to know about cold chain logistics.


What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics, also known as chill chain logistics, is a temperature-controlled supply chain. In other words, cold chain logistics involves all the equipment needed to deliver goods to their intended destination at an agreed temperature throughout the freight process.

Forms of Cold Chain Logistics


While intermodal trucking is a popular form of cold chain logistics, there are other methods of transporting refrigerated goods. Other forms include;


Air Transportation


Air transportation is by far the least economical form of cold-chain logistics transportation. The method is suitable for transporting shelf lives foods that need to arrive quickly and fresh. It is crucial to note that products only stay on the plane for a short time to prevent temperature rises.


Sea Transportation


Sea transportation is the slowest method of freight available. For this reason, it is not near suitable for transporting perishable goods. It is typically designed for shelf-life foods such as meat and fish. But they must sit in specialized containers for the refrigeration process.

Rail Transportation


Rail transportation is best for long distances, significantly more than two days. It is not much more convenient than air transport. But high-speed trains can transport perishable goods.

Understanding the Cold Chain Process


Maintaining the recommended temperature for frozen goods is the most significant part of the cold chain process. Failure to maintain the temperatures the clients want and the product will become unusable.


But why do these products need to be maintained cold? In short, cold temperatures prevents sensitive goods from reducing their shelf life. There are two best ways to keep goods cold. First, freezing (meant for long-term preservation). Second, refrigeration (meant for short-term preservation).


Why Your Company Needs Cold Freight Services?

Cold freight services have plenty of benefits; some are extrapolated in detail below.


Keeping Perishable Products Safe


If your business specializes in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable products, you need cold chain logistics to ensure their temperature stays below a certain point. Anything with a shelf life needs to be delivered or stored at a specific temperature.

Curbing the Risk of Food Poisoning


Cold shipments can help keep perishable items free of bacteria, pests, and harmful microorganisms that could cause food-borne illnesses. Good cold shipping services keep the temperature at the correct level to prevent spoilage.

Protect Your Investment


Perishable goods are expensive, so they must be handled with care and delivered perfectly. You pay for every product you ship, so you must ensure they don’t get damaged or destroyed.


Help Make Customers Happy


You can deliver fresh products to customers or stores by shipping food and beverages in cold containers. Customers love high-quality products with good taste, texture, and other essential qualities.

Cold Freight Solutions Are Flexible


While intermodal freight is the most preferred form of cold-chain transportation, it is not the only method available. Other freight shipping solutions can transport perishable goods. These include planes, ships, and even trains. For fast deliveries, you can opt for box trucks and sprinter vans, among other vehicles.

Trends in Cold Chain Logistics


Cold chain logistics is ever-changing. Companies also strive to meet their growing needs as consumers change their demands. The same goes for the management system of cold chain logistics operations. Let’s look closely at some of the trends in cold chain logistics.


Utilize Analytics


Around this information age, you must leverage data analytics to help you keep track of how cold chain goods are doing.


Improving Speed


As customers’ demands increase, the speed at which frozen or refrigerated goods move on the cold chain logistics also rises.


Enhanced Packages


Companies have developed superior packaging with better insulation for shipping pharmaceuticals and foods.


Improving Visibility


Today, clients want to track their cold chain goods in every process to ensure there is no weak link in the chain.


Overall, cold shipping is a valuable part of your business. It protects your products from damage and keeps customers happy. Also, it can help boost sales by offering customers a product they love and want.

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