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Film enthusiasts are looking for the essential components of a comedy. The premise is the most important part of a film. Cliches fade with time, and the brave are the ones that dare to take a leap. A great cast can save a poor script. They will perform well and make a film worth watching. Kevin Hart is the king of this sub-genre in Hollywood comedies. This one star runs the entire film. The movies can be great fun.

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You’ll find our list contains both old and newer comedies, as well as many dark comedies. This will ensure that you are able to laugh until your eyes hurt. Continue scrolling to see our hilarious list of comedy favorites.

Our Favorite Picks 

Watch these movies at home and have fun.

Shaun of the Dead

Do you want to laugh and roll on the ground? This is the right movie for you. Shaun of the Dead turns the terrifying zombie trope upside down. Along with Simon Pegg, director Edgar Wright also co-wrote the film. Shaun is the main character. Shaun and Ed, played by Nick Frost are caught unawares by the zombie apocalypse as they attempt to find refuge in a local bar with loved ones. He is a sales representative who leads a miserable life and is forced to change his life when the apocalypse comes. Pegg and Frost are also featured in the film, as well as Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, and Bill Nighy. Penelope Wilton is also part of the cast. The film is the first in the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy, after Hot Fuzz and The World’s End were present. Cinema HD v2 apk has this movie available to watch free of cost.


Heathers is an on-steroids version of Mean Girls’ 1980s show. It has been a cult favorite for the longest time. Michael Lehmann is the director of this movie. It succeeds in every way. It features a stellar cast including Winona Ryder Shannen Doherty and Christian Slater. Kim Walker, Kim Walker, Penelope Milford, and Lisanne Falk are also part of the film. Three young girls, Heather, Ifun tv are part of a clique at a high school in Ohio. A sociopath comes to their aid and attempts to kill them all. Although the film failed at the box office, it quickly became a cult movie and was loved by many critics.

Home Alone

The Home Alone franchise was a childhood favorite. This film is perfect for those days when being an adult starts bothering you. Chris Columbus directed the film. It stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, John Stern, and John Heard. Catherine O’Hara is also present in the film. Culkin plays Kevin, the charming character who is left behind when his family rushes to leave for Christmas. Kevin protects the house from the two burglars by staying alone. The film’s humor is primarily derived from the slapstick comedy and the hilariously sad conditions of the two robbers who failed to steal anything due to the interference of a small boy. It is easy to see why the film was a success. The movie has got nominations for numerous Golden Globes and Oscars. The Syncler app listed this movie in its comedy genre recently. Watch the movie now!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Indian audiences will be able to sympathize with these characters, having witnessed the chaos of a family’s wedding. Joel Zwick directs this charming comedy News. The film’s writer, Nia Vardalos, is also the leading actress. She plays Fotoula “Toula”, a middle-class Greek-American woman who falls in love with Ian Miller (an upper-middle-class White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). The screenplay is great and the ifun film got a nomination at the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. The film was the highest-grossing romantic comedy at the time, but it didn’t reach the top spot. The story features a variety of hilarious aunts and uncles that show the chaos of a large traditional family.


Friday, the birthplace of the “damn” meme is another buddy stoner comedy. F. Gary Gray directed the film, which stars Ice Cube as the co-writer, alongside Nia Long and Bernie Mac. Tiny Zeus Lister Jr. has also performed in this film. John Witherspoon is the director. The film attempts to challenge the stereotype of the “hood” and the violent culture it represents. Craig Jones and Smokey are two friends who have no job and are in danger of losing their jobs after they take debt from a drug dealer Critics well received it. Later, it became a meme and part of pop culture World news.

This is all about the 5 best comedy movies that you should definitely watch with your friends and family. I hope you like this article. We will bring more such articles in the future so keep reading Ifun tv!

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