The right jacket should help make concealed carry more comfortable. This includes adjusting cuffs so the sleeves don’t interfere with the draw.

It should also have a zipper that can be opened quickly. It should also have a hem length that is short enough to pull up over the gun.


When carrying a concealed firearm, you need clothing that will hide the shape of your weapon while providing quick, unimpeded access. Unless you’re wearing a suit jacket or blazer, the back of your shirt will brush against your gun when you move or bend, and that could expose it to someone with bad intentions.

A concealed carry jacket solves that problem by having large, deep internal holster pockets for a sidearm and extra ammunition. Most of these jackets also feature specialized zippers that prevent printing, which means they look just like your favorite work or casual jacket and won’t make you stand out in a crowd as having an inside-the-waistband holster. They also provide left- and right-handed cross draw, so you can safely and quickly retrieve your gun from the holster from either side.


Many concealed carry jackets are designed to look and feel like regular jackets, only with dedicated pockets and holsters. This allows you to wear them without raising suspicion about your concealed carrying intentions and also helps build familiarity with the placement of your pistol so that you can access it quickly when needed.

Some CCW jackets are made of tough, water-resistant material that won’t be a liability in a rainstorm. These jackets dry faster and may have an exterior treatment that causes water to bead rather than soak into the fabric. This is especially helpful for people who live in areas with frequent precipitation. It makes the difference between having to unbutton your jacket and expose it all over to the elements and being able to reach your firearm quickly when the time comes.


A concealed carry jacket is designed to look and function like regular clothing, which means it can be worn in various settings and situations. This versatility makes it much more practical than carrying a weapon inside the waistband (IWB) or appendix holster.

Most concealment jackets also include features that reduce the chance of a gun printing on the garment’s outside or being accidentally exposed. These features typically include sizeable front hand pockets that allow the wearer to easily and quickly retrieve their firearm.

In addition to these convenience features, the jacket should fit well and not be too tight or restrict movement. This is especially important if you need to draw your firearm quickly. In this case, a good rule of thumb is to choose a jacket about two sizes larger than your regular shirt or jacket.


Unlike clothing such as sweatshirts and hoodies, which can hide a gun to some extent, a concealed carry jacket is a complete system that is easy to use. They have holster pockets built into them that accept Velcro holster accessories and have extra room for backup magazines. They also have a front pocket that is loose enough to accommodate a handgun when not being worn.

A good concealment jacket should fit loosely enough not to bind or constrict the body movement involved in drawing a firearm. It should also be sturdy and breathable, which helps keep the wearer comfortable even when wearing it over heavy clothing. It should also handle much weight (including guns, ammo, and survival gear) without ripping or falling apart.


A concealed carry jacket is designed to meet the dual needs of keeping a gun securely hidden until needed while also providing quick and efficient access to it. This is an essential consideration for many people, from police detectives and security guards to business owners in dangerous cities or rural areas and anyone who prefers to be prepared for emergencies.

A concealment jacket that looks like a normal work jacket is ideal for this purpose, as it allows you to carry your firearm without attracting undue attention from others. It is also comfortable enough to wear in daily activities, such as driving or walking to work. Its holster pockets are also large enough to support the weight of your firearm and provide easy access on either side.

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