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Whether it is for work or for pleasure, mobility is a must today. It transcends age, gender, class and every other aspect of society. Important travel schedules will force you onto public transport that are crowded and, sometimes, just not available. With Diwali on the way, choose the Jupiter scooty new model for your own, personalised, transport. You can easily book a Jupiter scooty on Bajaj Mall and complete the financing and purchase process through our partner network store.

Bajaj Mall offers exiting offers including cashback on two-wheelers. You can select from a wide range of brands depending on your need. The online shopping portal gives you the option to scroll through a variety of two-wheelers by selecting the price range, CC, body type, brands, and more. Not just this, but once you book your bike or scooty through Bajaj Mall, you can visit our offline partner store where your selected bike is available and complete the purchase. This doesn’t end here, you can also avail two-wheeler loan for your bike or scooty and pay the entire amount in easy EMIs without hampering your budget.

The TVS Jupiter may be an entry level scooty, but it has a lot of specifications of a prime quality vehicle. Here are some important reasons for you to choose this scooty:

  • A 109.7 cc BS6 engine
  • A CVT gearbox
  • Disc front brakes
  • Comes in six variants and 16 colours. 
  • Mileage and performance have been lauded by a huge number of actual users and that is the backbone of its sales. 
  • It is affordable.

These are good reasons, though you might not want a sudden capital expenditure. However, you can surely break the price – which ranges between Rs 69,571 and Rs 85,866, ex-showroom – into smaller instalments. The scooty’s EMIs then won’t hurt your budget.

Availability of excellent funding for the new model Jupiter scooty is another reason for choosing this vehicle. Bajaj Finserv has possibly the best two-wheeler loan scheme in the country. It is fast, hassle-free and cheap. Your vehicle purchase will be easy.

Here are some of the specialties of the Bajaj Finserv two-wheeler loan scheme: 

  • Complete Funding 

Whatever the price of the vehicle, this loan is applicable in the range between Rs 35,000 and Rs 20 lakh. And the loan amount to be disbursed – provided you meet all necessary requirements – will be 100% of the on-road price. That is one of the primary reasons for choosing the scooty on emi from Bajaj Finserv. 

The general requirement for a loan is your CIBIL score. That should not pose a major problem here, because Bajaj Finserv will not ask for a minimum credit score for loan approval. However, if your score is below 720, it might result in you being approved a lower loan amount. If you have met other eligibility criteria, you loan application will not be rejected.

  • Long tenure

This is the other critical feature of this loan. You can book your new model TVS Jupiter scooty and pay back in instalments that can stretch up to 60 months. This will allow you to not block capital and put a strain on your monthly budget. 

What you should keep in mind while choosing the tenure is not just click the longest tenure. The interest rate of the loan varies between 9.25% and 14%, depending on your profile and on the tenure of the EMIs that you choose. You will have to balance the tenure and interest rate to your satisfaction, so you neither end up paying too much overall, over a long period, nor constrain yourself with a high EMI for the scooty through a very short tenure. Keep the final amount always within reach.

Do research: Before you learn about the eligibility criteria, you should do a small research on the internet or from other sources and get to know the on-road price of the scooty. This will include ex-showroom price, insurance, taxes, documentation charges, accessories etc.

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