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Florida is a popular destination for retirees and newcomers. From the beach to golf courses, Florida has a lot of recreational options. However, it also has its fair share of homes that require exterior maintenance, such as landscaping and home repairs. We at Plantz are a Florida-based company that provides specialty Landscape Maintenance Florida services such as fertilization and irrigation installation, poison ivy removal, sod installation, and more. We know that homeowners need to be aware of some important things about maintaining their homes in Florida.


How Can Landscape Maintenance in Florida Be Do?

1. Lawn Mowers

Florida residents know that lawnmowers can either be a boon or a bane. Homeowners must maintain the lawn mower, and it is only wise to maintain it in good shape. If you want to ensure a good-looking lawn, maintain your lawn mower. Visit a local repair shop to keep your lawn mower in good shape.


2.  Weeding

Weed management is not particularly necessary, nor is it harmful if done improperly. Weeding must be done carefully so as not to harm the plants. You need to ensure not to harm the plant while pulling out weeds. Don’t put the root of the weed in contact with the soil. Don’t use a shovel to get rid of weeds, as you might also pull out other plants.


3. Fertilization

Fertilization is an important part of tree planting and landscaping in Florida. Procreation keeps your lawn and flowers green and healthy, allowing them to live longer. Fertilizers are available in the form of granules, liquids, or tablets. Granules are easy to apply and can be placed in a lawn mower to disperse in the lawn, or you can use it with a spreader. According to instructions, liquid fertilizers should be diluted in water and applied with a watering can on moist soil. You might want to mix fertilizer with vinegar to treat fungus or bug infestation.


4. Maintain a healthy garden

Keep your backyard healthy by checking the pH of the soil. A garden will grow best in soil with a pH range between 6.0 to 8.0, but some plants like tomatoes, begonias, and coleus grow well in acidic soil. If you have noticed that you are using too many chemicals and pesticides, it is time to visit your local nursery for some organic treatment options.


5.  Repotting

Repotting small Florida plants is an important thing that needs to be done when the roots of the plant have grown out. You can buy a new pot for your plant, but getting a bigger one is better than making sure that the root system does not stay in your old pots. Have someone help you in repotting. So, next time you dig down your soil, make sure you do not go too deep into the soil and pull out roots.


How to Install Small Florida Plants into Your Office Space?


  1. The first thing you need to consider is placing plants in your space. Small Florida Plants can be placed in every corner of your office. You only need to ensure that you have maintained balance in the use of space. If you have too many plants in one particular corner, it won’t be easy for your employees to move around, and they may end up hurting themselves while walking around with a cup of coffee.


  1. You must also consider the size of the plants you choose. The size of the space in your office and the size of the plants will determine what kind of plant you can go for. If you have too many large plants in your space, it won’t look very welcoming, and people will end up sitting around those corners because they occupy more space than the others.


  1. It is also essential to know that small plants do not need much maintenance. They are easy to maintain, and you do not need to spend much time caring for them. All you need to remember is the sunlight your plants receive because if they don’t get enough sunlight, they may die out.


  1. It is also essential to know that small plants do not cost as much as large trees and other plants. So, making minor changes to the selection of plants can help you save some cash. However, if you have a lot of staff members working in your office, it might not be easy to manage all the plants in one go. It is better to visit a local nursery, purchase small affordable plants, and start with them. Gradually increase the number of plants in time.


  1. However, ensure that you have taken the right amount of space for your plant when selecting it from a nursery. Sometimes, it is better to select Small Florida Plants and take care of them than to select a large plant and then end up not being able to maintain it. So you do not have to spend extra fertilizer for ample space. Just get a small plant and ensure you take enough care of it.


How To Properly Maintain Your Home’s Exterior?


1. Landscaping:

Landscape Maintenance in Florida is an essential thing that almost every homeowner should be concerned about. Maintaining good landscaping in your front yard with plantings, trees, and shrubs is crucial. It keeps the yard looking great and is a great way to add value to your home. It also keeps the weeds from growing.


2. Pest control:

Some pests, like termites, can be dangerous for your home, and carpenter ants can cause too much damage if they nest in your walls. Putting screens around all the doors and windows and sealing up any cracks in exterior walls can help prevent this from happening.


3. Power washing:

It is essential to power wash your home regularly to remove the dirt and buildup from all the exterior surfaces. That will make your home look clean and prevent mildew from growing on the siding. It is essential to use a pressure washer because a garden hose can’t put enough pressure on the siding to remove all the dirt. That will also help keep moss and mold from growing on your roof.


4. Repair patching:

When you have holes in your roof, you must repair the hole before water starts leaking into the attic or inside your home. Patching up a roof can also prevent future fire and mold damage. If there are any holes on your roof, you should check if they are covered by insurance because it is possible that they may not be covered by insurance.


5. Repainting:

The siding on the exterior of your home needs to be repainted at least once every few years. That can keep mildew from building up, and it also keeps moss from growing on the siding. The paint will also prevent the wood from rotting, and it prevents water damage to walls as well.


6. Trimming:

Trimming any branches of Small Florida Plants that are growing into your siding or shingles is essential. That protects all the surfaces, keeps them looking nice, and prevents water damage. Make sure that you do not have branches growing too close to your home because they can also cause a fire risk.


How To Properly Maintain Your Home’s Interior?


1. Home Maintenance:

It would be best if you never forgot to maintain your home’s interior. That includes ensuring that your home has proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and that your plumbing is working correctly. If you have problems with pipes, switches, water pressure, or taps, you must take care of them before it worsens. You can call a plumber for help if you don’t know what to do about that problem.


2. Setting up a home security system:

Having a home security system in your home can keep your family safe from any danger. Having a home security system installed will guard you against robbers, break-ins, and any other danger to the family that could happen while they are away.


3. Home maintenance and cleaning:

You must always clean your house correctly, and making a cleaning schedule will help you keep it clean. Every week, you should clean and inspect your home. Every week, you can inspect every room in your house. That will keep you on top of all the problems that might be happening in your home, and you can take care of them before they get worse.



Whether you like it or not, taking care of your home is essential. That will give you an excellent chance to keep your home clean and make it look great to add value to your property. You must keep your house in good condition because if people see a home with high maintenance, they will be less likely to go for that home for investment. So, make sure that you take care of everything in your home regularly by making small changes with the selection of plants and trees. Plantz offers a wide range of Small Florida Plants and trees that come in large and small sizes. To know more give us a call at tel:8667526899.

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