Club Penguin Shut Down

A multiplayer online game called Club Penguin allowed users to play as penguin characters who could interact with other players, play different games, and even adopt pets.

Prior to its closure in 2017, Club Penguin was one of the most well-known and frequently played Disney games of all time.

The most well-known and popular of the many fan-made clones that have arisen as a result of the game’s popularity is Club Penguin Online.

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Club Penguin: What Was It?

Players assumed the role of penguins in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Club Penguin.

The target audience for the game was younger players, specifically children between the ages of six and fourteen. On the other hand, older players had unrestricted access to the game.

A player’s penguin can have a customized persona. By purchasing additional clothing in the game, you could alter the appearance of a penguin.

A player can also sign up to become a member, giving him access to particular games, outfits, and other things.

Customers must subscribe to Club Penguin for a monthly fee in order to join.

The game was being hosted on numerous servers, each of which could support a particular number of players. Each server can accommodate a maximum of 300 players.

Club Penguin Shut Down

Why Did Club Penguin Close?

Due to declining player interest in the game, Club Penguin shut down, which undoubtedly led to a significant decline in revenue.

Club Penguin’s fundamental failure to adapt to a world ruled by mobile devices was the root cause of its demise.

Around the turn of the century, a number of the most well-known players in the league started using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with family and friends outside of the league.

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular for accessing these websites as opposed to using a browser on a computer.

Disney launched its first Club Penguin application in 2007, four years after purchasing the business, at the same time as the iPhone was unveiled.

Additionally, it was fairly expensive to run Club Penguin. Previously, the company employed 200 moderators to keep an eye on the game’s chat rooms on a regular basis.

Platforms for creating games that encourage individual creation, like Roblox, have done a better job of staying relevant over time.

Disney’s previous game releases show that the company lacks the internal resources required to consistently provide players with high-quality games and patches.

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What Has Happened To Club Penguin?

The previous headquarters of Club Penguin were in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The Club Penguin was created by Lance Priebe, Dave Krysko, and Lane Merrifield in 2005.

Before starting their business, the three founders of Club Penguin had a wealth of experience and knowledge in the video game sector.

Lance Priebe was not without difficulties in his professional life, but he overcame them. He started working on Snow Blasters, an online snowball combat game with penguins as the main characters, in July 2000.

After seeing a cartoon of a penguin falling over a banana in his neighborhood newspaper, Priebe became inspired to use penguins in his artwork.

The character’s development could proceed more quickly because animating penguins was relatively simple.

At the time, many websites, including popular ones like Friendster, advertised questionable-looking banners because they were frequently their only source of income. This included itself.

Merrifield and Priebe approached Krysko about starting a spinoff company to create this product’s safer variant. The company New Horizon Interactive was founded very quickly.

The development of Club Penguin started in 2005.

Internally still referred to as Penguin Chat 3, the game was first released in April 2005 and later changed its name to Penguin Chat 4.

Two months after its initial announcement, on October 24, 2005, Club Penguin finally made its debut.

Why Did Club Penguin Shut Down?

The game quickly became popular throughout the neighbourhood. Less than a year after its debut in November 2006, Club Penguin has amassed more than 2 million monthly subscribers.

To keep the website free of banner advertisements, they had declined lucrative advertising opportunities from companies like Google.

The majority of the time, word-of-mouth propagates the information about the website, whether it comes from parents chatting with one another or kids persuading their friends to sign up.

In May 2007, rumours began to circulate that several businesses were considering buying the game’s self-funded developers and growing their business.

Alongside Facebook and Myspace, Club Penguin was one of the most well-known social networking sites when it first went live.

These rumours turned out to be true in August, after several months. Disney paid New Horizon Interactive, the parent company of Club Penguin, a whopping $350 million in cash and an additional $350 million in earnouts. The latter is dependent on meeting predetermined performance objectives.

For the purpose of sustaining its foundations, Club Penguin donated a portion of its revenue ($35 million).

Undoubtedly a high price to pay, but the effort was well worth the payoff.

The only modification was a name change to Disney’s Club Penguin for the game.

Disney’s investment, however, led to a flood of imitation platforms, all of which were somewhat successful.

Nevertheless, the acquisition had a negative impact on Club Penguin’s growth, as it remained stagnant for months after the purchase.

Second, as a result of the iPhone’s release, mobile-based games have become more popular than classic browser games.

Sadly, despite this revenue growth, Club Penguin was unable to meet its profit expectations.

The founders were therefore ineligible for the second $350 million payment because they did not achieve the projected earnings.

Merrifield, a self-described “Disney geek,” continued on to serve as Senior Vice President of Disney’s Interactive division after starting his career working in parades at Disneyland.

The game made a mistake in June 2011. Disney neglected to renew the domain name for the game, which resulted in several hours of downtime.

In September, the business released its first iPhone app for $0.99.

The game, however, was called Puffle Launch and was not a Club Penguin version. The popular puffles from Club Penguin served as weapons in this game, which was akin to Angry Birds in that it featured different birds.

By October 2011, there were over 150 million Club Penguin accounts.

To keep the game’s chat rooms safe from predators, Disney hired over 200 content moderators.

In the UK, Disney released Club Penguin magazine in February 2012, and in June 2012, the company released digital penguins based on Marvel superheroes.

Despite investments made by the company, Merrifield decided to leave. In October 2012, he formally handed the keys to longtime Disney executive Chris Heatherly.

Despite having 200 million registered users, its popularity gradually decreased. The monthly traffic dropped from 8.5 million in December 2009 to 3.3 million in December 2010 as a result of Heatherly’s acquisition.

Despite less traffic, Club Penguin still has a large fan base, thanks in large part to parents’ willingness to pay monthly subscription fees.

As a result, Disney started introducing fresh experiences, like a Star Wars celebration in July 2013.

Although many people believed it was too late for Disney to create a mobile app, they did so in December 2013.

In the years that followed, Club Penguin consistently made a sizable sum of money

The iceberg in the corner of the chart had been the focus of rumours for years.

Finally, the game’s creators disclosed how to win by having players complete a trivia task.

We can create an island, a community, and a better world together. Even breaking the surface of an iceberg is possible. Swim ahead.

It’s interesting to note that the closure led to the creation of Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Online.

As a result, the developers were able to produce an almost exact replica of the first Club Penguin game.

Their unique take on the game was the only thing that distinguished them from the standard game.

In May 2020, the Disney corporation submitted a DMCA takedown request to stop Club Penguin Online, an online imitator (found at

Despite the closure, the other clone sites kept growing. Millions of former players who had started attending college began showing a resurgence of interest in the game around the year 2020, in particular.

Many people used it to communicate with friends and family while stuck at home.

Is Club Penguin Ever Going to Return?

For the reasons mentioned in this chapter, it is unlikely that Club Penguin will ever return to the Disney-owned version it once had.

Despite this, the game is still widely available in numerous imitation forms. For instance, Club Penguin Rewritten is essentially the same game as it was in 2010.

To maintain player interest, Club Penguin Rewritten even creates branded items like clothing and events.


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