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Quickbooks is a product of Intuit. It is updated each year with new features, tools, and error fixes. This increases the efficiency and speed of the software. Most errors are caused by the update process. This is because new features, functions, and changes can also be added to the software. Sometimes, this can cause an obstruction. QuickBooks users make most of these errors when they try to update the software. Because users have to install the latest update, the software will add more tools and functions. Sometimes it causes problems with existing settings or the QB company file.

Quickbooks error 6190 can be a common issue when working with Quickbooks software. It can be a problem that affects your work and productivity.

Quickbooks users make most of these errors when they try to update the software. Because users have to install the latest update, the software will add more tools and functions. Sometimes it causes problems with existing settings or the QB company file.

This article will discuss Quickbooks error 6190 and its causes as well as the best ways to fix it. Let’s get started.

Quickbooks Error -6190 -816: An Overview

Quickbooks users make most of these errors when they try to update the software. Because users have to install the latest update, the software will add more tools and functions. Sometimes it causes problems with existing settings or the QB company file.

Quickbooks error 6190 occurs when you log in to a company file or work in it. It can occur when there are discrepancies within the.TLG files. All transactions are kept in the.TLG (Transaction Log). These files are automatically stored in QB without you permission. You may encounter errors while updating.TLG files, but you also forget to update your company file. Many errors can occur when updating QuickBooks. One such error is QuickBooks error 152227.

This error will allow the system to approve any modifications and display error codes messages on the screen.

Quickbooks Error 6190 & 81

As we have already mentioned, mistakes can cause this serious error in your system. There are many factors that can cause this annoying problem. These are:

  • An incomplete or incorrect installation of QuickBooks software can lead to this error.
  • A virus has infected your system files.
  • The QB company file does not match the.TLG, i.e. transaction log file.
  • Quickbooks Error 6190, 81, and Quickbooks Error 6189 are caused by missing registry files.
  • File of a damaged company
  • Another user has access to your company files via a single mode.
  • You can also accidentally delete important programs that are related to QuickBooks.
  • Between the updates, the process abruptly stops.
  • Signs of a QuickBooks Error 6190 or 816

The main question is how do you identify the error? Because in most cases, all symptoms are the same, you don’t know what error it is. Sometimes, users mistakenly think they are dealing with an error and apply the wrong solution. This is why it is important to learn how to recognize the signs. These are the signs:

  • Your system’s response times become slower.
  • Computer crashes are common
  • The computer does not respond well to any prompts from output devices.
  • This error causes the program and application to crash.
  • The display often displays messages indicating that QuickBooks Error 6190 has occurred.
  • Click on the QB icon to start the software hanging.
  • Sometimes QuickBooks freezes.

Rectifying Quickbooks Error 6190 and 81: Permanent Solutions

This annoying error causes users to scratch their heads in dismay. Fortunately, with the advanced techniques discussed here, it is possible to eliminate this problem on your own. Let’s look at all possible ways to fix the problem.


First Method 1 – Updating QuickBooks

As we have already mentioned, Intuit Quickbooks is updated each year to add new features and tools. This will improve the software’s efficiency and make it more efficient. These are the steps for updating:

  • First, click on the tab “Windows/Start.”
  • You can search for “QuickBooks Desktop”
  • Right-tap on QuickBooks
  • Choose the option “Run to administrator”.
  • A “No Company Open Screen” will appear. Navigate to “Help”, and select “Update QuickBooks.”
  • Click “Options” to select the tab “Mark all.”
  • Click “Save” now
  • Scroll down to “Update Now” and check the box for “Reset Updates”.
  • Select “Get Updates”.
  • You can then close Quickbooks and reopen it.
  • Click “Yes” to install the latest QB software updates.
  • Finally, reboot the system.

 Second Method – Remove Temporary Files and Folders

Internet surfing and computer use can lead to a prolonged accumulation of junk files within the system. This is the main reason for Quickbooks error 6190. To clean your system, follow these instructions.

  • First, click “Windows/Start.”
  • Enter the command “Run” and hit “Enter.”
  • In the box, type “Cleanmgr”. Enter.
  • To run a system scan, use “Disk Cleanup”. This will allow you to check the size of junk files in your system.
  • Select the files you wish to delete by clicking on the checkbox. Click “OK” to restart your computer.
  • This will correct the error.

Third Method – Adding the Latest Windows Updates

  • These instructions will help you to install the most recent windows updates:
  • Click “Windows/Start”.
  • Write “Update” in the search box.
  • Click “Enter.”
  • Install any available updates.
  • Next, click on the “Install Updates” option.

Fourth Method  – Checking Single Mode User

  • You will likely encounter the error 6190 if you attempt to access your file via Single-mode. These are the steps to fix it:
  • First, ensure that all users have logged out of the QB and company files.
  • Now restart your computer.
  • Copy the QB file, then paste it in any other location than the original.
  • Copy the file to the original folder.
  • Finally, log in to the QB.

Fifth Method – QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • This file doctor tool was created by Intuit to fix common QB errors. QBFD fixes every error, even the most difficult. This is how you can fix Quickbooks error 6190, -83 with the tool.
  • First, download and install the QB Tool Hub.
  • Open the doctor tool and run it.
  • After you have opened it, navigate to “Company File Problems”
  • Choose “Run QuickBooks File Doctor.”
  • Then, “Run” it.
  • Sign in now as an administrator
  • You will find two options here:
  • “Network Connectivity”
  • Also, “File Damage & Network Connection”
  • To spot damaged files, select option 2.
  • When asked, enter “Admin password”.
  • Finally, verify that the file location is on a server or a computer. To close the step, click “Proceed”.

Sixth Method  – QuickBooks Refresher Tool

Quickbooks error code 6190 can be managed efficiently by running the QuickBooks Refresher tool. This tool was created by Intuit to assist users in fixing some update issues. These steps will help you use the QB refresher.


  • First, exit QuickBooks.
  • Open Intuit’s website and start downloading the refresher software.
  • Navigate to the downloads section. Next, locate Qbrefresherv1.exe and then access it.
  • Next, click on the “Fix my QuickBooks” option.
  • Finally, you can wait until the identification process is complete.
  • Finally, after the repair process is completed, you can open QB and confirm that you are able open the company files.

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Seventh Method – Fixing the Mismatch

This solution technique must be used when your company files are in a system. Then, you can rename them. These are the steps:

  • First, open the QB files.
  • Find the QB company files. Keep in mind that both the.TLG and company files have the same names but with different extensions.
  • Start renaming the file -.QBW.ND
  • Right-tap the file and select “Rename”.
  • Do not rename transaction log files.
  • Now close the system.
  • To resume your work, you can open QuickBooks and other company files.
  • Method 8 – Restoring the System
  • First, tap on the tab “Windows/Start”.
  • In the box below, type “System Restore”
  • Click “Enter”
  • After that, click “System Restore Tool”.
  • You will now see some instructions on your screen.
  • These are your goals.
  • When prompted, enter your password.
  • This will take only a few minutes.
  • Method 9 – Quickbooks Database Server Manager
  • Quickbooks Database Server Manager, a powerful tool for repairing common QB problems, is an amazing tool. These instructions will show you how to use QBDSM.
  • Open the Quickbooks Tools Hub first.
  • Click on “Network Issues” to go inside the window.
  • Next, select the “Quickbooks Database Server Manager” option.
  • Your screen will then open Quickbooks Database Server Manager. You can either choose the file containing the error or browse it manually.
  • Once done, hit “Start Scan.”
  • This tool will automatically repair any issues found after you have initiated the scan.
  • After you’re done scanning, click “Close”.
  • You can also reach back to the server and open QB desktop.

Finally, confirm that Quickbooks error 6190 has been fixed.

Final Words

There is no perfect software. Each software program has its merits and flaws. Quickbooks accounting software also has technical issues and glitches. This post will cover Quickbooks Error 6190, -83. These methods are effective and not only fix the error, but they also prevent it from happening again.

We think that at most, a few of the eight possible troubleshooting options will provide a permanent solution for this annoying error. Quickbooks Custome Support can be reached for assistance. This team is available 24*7. Simply tell us your question and we will resolve it immediately

Feel free to share your thoughts, tips and opinions with others.


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