Franky Can Be Vegapunk’s Apprentice and Improve His Own Creations

Franky may officially be the Straw Hat Pirates’ shipwright, but he doesn’t just maintain the Thousand Sunny. He is constantly cooking something up in his workshop and bettering the weapons at his disposal. Interestingly, his biggest fans are his crew mates, specifically Chopper, Usopp and Luffy. Even though Franky has an inventive head above his shoulders, most of his designs are based on the blueprints he found in one of Dr. Vegapunk’s old labs. That is not to say Franky is just a cheap copy of the inventor; he had already created some mean weapons even before the two-year time skip.

Franky pretty much spent his two-year training learning from Dr. Vegapunk’s notes and blueprints, and it shows. The moment he learns the genius inventor’s identity, he marvels at Vegapunk’s glory and observes his creations, scrutinizing their functions. Should the inventor sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky will undeniably pick as much of the genius’s brain as he can. He can then use that knowledge to further improve his own body, his weapons and, of course, the beloved General Franky. It seems certain that the Thousand Sunny will also receive certain additions when that time comes.

Nami and Usopp Will Surely Receive Another Weapon Upgrade

Several Straw Hat Pirates rely on weapons during fights, but the ones most dependent on them are Nami and Usopp. As the crew’s sharpshooter, Usopp greatly relies on his trusty slingshot. He has altered it on numerous occasions after getting his hands on upgrade materials. The initial model of Usopp’s slingshot simply used normal and gimmicky ammunition, then was upgraded to use Skypiea’s dials; he has also incorporated plants from the Boin Archipelago into his attacks. Similarly, Nami’s staff has undergone numerous changes throughout One Piece. Starting as an ordinary wooden staff, it’s been modified to perfectly fit Nami’s weather-manipulating fighting style.

Being the genius behind most of the Marines’ highly-advanced weaponry, Dr. Vegapunk is a proven master weaponsmith. He created an army of cyborgs and even managed to separate himself into six personas — the Satellites. Once he is aboard the Thousand Sunny, Vegapunk may well prove useful to both Nami and Usopp. He can cooperate with Usopp and incorporate advanced technology into the sharpshooter’s slingshot — perhaps along the lines of using laser beams. After all, Usopp is a sucker for cool inventions.

Nami, however, may benefit more from the scientist’s presence. Unlike the sharpshooter, she has always relied on others to improve her staff — and Dr. Vegapunk is the perfect person to turn to for her Clima-Tact’s next upgrade. He can tweak Nami’s staff to produce better results more efficiently, while also adding more functions. However, he could further aid in the matter with Zeus — Big Mom’s former homie. Assuming the thundercloud is still present, Dr. Vegapunk may deduce a way to finally sever Zeus’ connection to Big Mom, cementing Nami’s possession over it.

Sanji Could Be Modified – Or at Least Learn More About His Body

Sanji’s modified human abilities have been a crucial part of his character throughout One Piece, allowing him to perform incredible feats in battle. His fighting talent makes him a formidable opponent for even the most powerful enemies. But since Sanji chose to leave his family at a young age, he’s mostly been left clueless about his own body. In fact, he only learned the truth about himself during the “Whole Cake Island” arc, where it was revealed that Vinsmoke Judge had inhumanely modified his own children into living weapons. More truths about Sanji’s body were revealed during the “Wano” arc, including why he can generate fire.

Given Dr. Vegapunk’s expertise in genetic engineering and his involvement with the Vinsmoke family, it is possible that he holds the key to unraveling the mystery of Sanji’s modified human abilities. The scientist may even have additional knowledge about the Vinsmoke family since he has personally worked with Judge.

By shedding light on how the lineage factor works in One Piece, Dr. Vegapunk can help further Sanji’s power output. He could be able to tweak the Straw Hat’s body, unleashing whatever untapped potential is still inside him. Even if he can’t help Sanji further his Diable Jambe, Dr. Vegapunk should at least be able to improve Sanji’s Raid Suit. Ultimately, the Straw Hat Pirates should be in for a round of enhancements thanks to the inventor’s presence and abilities.

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