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Many people recommend nudie jeans size for men as a great “entry level” premium denim option.

To clarify, I said that “entry level” was qualified by the fact that Nudie isn’t cheap, especially if you’re used to spending $50 on a pair of pants Nudie Jeans Size at American eagle. Various styles of raw and selvedge denim are available at low prices from Nudie.


If you like the raw, untreated look, then Nudie is a great place to start exploring the world of high-end denim.

To begin, I recommend trying out the thin, tapered Lean Dean cut; it works well for a variety of body types.

Regarding Sagging Jeans

Before we get to the fitting and review, here’s a quick rundown of the Nudie jeans for men brand.

The Swedish company Nudie Jeans was established in 2001 due to a shared interest in organic fabrics and raw denim. It took Nudie 11 years to get where he is now, but he did it. Since 2012, they have exclusively used organic cotton to make their denim.

BARELY-THERE Jeans that Don’t Hurt the Environment

Of course, raw materials aren’t the only consideration. The denim made by Nudie is long-lasting and eco-friendly. Many of their denim items require breaking in before they are comfortable to wear; however, once broken in, they only get better with time.

The “Free Repairs Forever” policy of Nudie Jeans means that you can take your worn pair of men’s jeans to any of their retail partners or mobile repair stations and have them fixed at no cost. Purchase these Nudie jeans 50 off price during this promotion. Inexplicably helpful facts can be found on the Nudie Jeans website’s “about” page.

This is all moot if the jeans are poorly made and don’t give you good value for your money.

Dwelling I put up

To help you visualise how the Nudie Jeans will fit, I’ve included my stats:

Put another way, I stand about 5 feet, 6 inches tall in heels and weigh about 120 pounds unclothed. When shopping for pants, I usually get a Nudie Jeans size 28/28 because my waist is about 29 inches.
My chest circumference is 34 inches, so I usually wear an XS. When a “short” option is available (like 34S), I always choose it.


Like Levi’s, nudie jeans for men come in a wide variety of sizes, from extremely slim to very baggy.

I prefer skinny, tapered jeans, so I tried on the following styles.

Dry Deep Orange 28×28 Skinny Lin Tight Terry Rinsed Twill
– The thinness (28×28) and girth (27×30) of Dried-out Dean and Indigo Finn, respectively.

Indigo Mood / A Grim Tim / Year 2728
Slim Adam, Bunker, 28-30

Raw selvedge denim and stretch denim of varying weights were just two of the many materials with which I played.

Now let’s take a closer look at each set…

Lin is even skinnier than a nudist.

Those are legitimately skinny jeans. In addition to being too short for a man of my height (5’6″), my legs are too skinny for the pants I’m trying to wear. These pants are snug from the hips through the thighs and into the crotch.


However, if they came in a waist Nudie Jeans size of 29, I would definitely buy them again, despite the fact that they are a tad too tight for my current preferences. Nudie jeans for men aren’t very low-rise, which is something I appreciate (which is the case with most skinny jeans).


Like Skinny Lin, Tight Terry is quite slim.
The area is practically in Skinny Lin. I’m not sure if the slimness through the leg has actually changed.


Tight Terry’s waist is more angled and her hips are higher than those of Skinny Lin’s. It’s comfy, but I prefer Skinny Lin’s style, which puts the pockets in the back.


One of my favourite Nudie styles was the Lean Dean fit, which was also one of their best sellers.


It’s the perfect compromise between a baggy tee and a tailored suit, in my opinion. The skinny nudist Dean was ideal.

When it comes to Nudie jeans for men, I can see why the Lean Dean is the most popular cut. Almost any body type can look good in this cut.
The inseam on these Paris was 28 inches, but they still seemed a bit long. You can expect your denim to shrink slightly more after washing and drying than it did before.


Thin Finn, one of Nudie’s first cuts, may be preferable to Lean Dean if you prefer slim or tapered silhouettes.

However, I really like the cut of these denim. This thigh is just the right Nudie Jeans size.

The low-set back pockets are the only thing I don’t like about them. A more standard arrangement may prove more effective, in my opinion.

I hope you’re miserable, Timmy.

Slimmer than regular straight-leg jeans, the Grim Tim is a denim staple.
There is more room in the thighs and calves compared to the Thin Finn and other slim/skinny cuts, making them ideal for athletic builds.


I also really like how Grim Tim always seems to have his hand in his back pocket (better than Thin Finn, in my opinion). I went down to a Nudie Jeans size 27, just like Thin Finn, and the waist was a little tight.

It could be worn in, but a Nudie Jeans size 28 would be more comfortable right away.


To see how I would feel about wearing chinos instead of jeans, I went out and bought a pair of Slim Adams in the Bunker colour (which I love, by the way).

Nudie’s size guide suggested I order a 27, but it was laughably small on me.

Customer service was vague when I asked if they were as slim as the Lean Dean fit.

Try as I might, I just can’t say that Slim Adam is a slim or slim-straight chino; they’re a thin fit chino. We can find a happy medium between Tight Terry and Lean Dean.

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