After the lockdown has been lifted in all parts of the country, your daily commute with your bike must have started. A bike is beneficial to commute with because they provide better mileage and so, can save some of your money. Among many riders, that question remains- Can your motorcycle run without a battery?

Starting your motorcycle without a battery

For ease, let us consider bikes of two categories- daily commuter and sports bikes.

A daily commuter bike example can be Hero Splendor etc. In these bikes, you will see kickstart functionality. So, even if your battery is dead or you don’t have a battery installed altogether then also you can start the engine by kickstarting the bike. Surely, the power start or self-start will not work without a battery but you can still start the bike.

Now comes the question of sports bikes that do not have a kickstart mechanism. These bikes cannot be started easily without battery power so, always make sure that your battery is healthy. But in unforeseen conditions, if you need to start your bike without a battery, we are here to give you a trick that will do the job. Besides checking the battery at a regular interval time, to ensure a good ride quality you can also add some bike accessories to your buying list. We have some best bike accessories available in the market.

And for the matter of the electrical components like headlights, horn, turn signal indicator, and taillights, don’t worry they will work with low voltage. Bikes, like cars, come with an alternator. This component turns the mechanical energy of the engine into electrical energy which powers the electrical components. But the power will be less than the battery power and maybe insatiable but still, it can work in emergency situations. So, no need to worry.

There is a different kind of bike known as EFI. It stands for electronic fuel injection. This is an advanced form of the fuel injection system and is more efficient. But these bikes will not run properly without a battery. Chances are the engine will stall and stop.

2 Best Ways to start a motorcycle without a working battery

In this section, I’ll give you two methods by which you can start any bike- be it a sports bike or a daily commuter bike. No doubt, the sports bike will involve more effort than the commuter light motorcycles but still, at least you won’t be stuck in the middle of your journey.

Rotating the rear wheel by your hand

For this method, first, you need to put your bike on the center stand. Now, if your bike doesn’t have a center stand then you can skip to the second method or if you have a paddock stand in your garage then you can do it with that. You can buy various bike accessories from us. And did we forget to mention that we deal in bullet accessories as well? Yes, you can buy your favorite Royal Enfield accessories from us.

Now, back to the topic. After putting the motorcycle in the center stand, put it in Total gears minus 2 gears. I’ll explain, if your bike has 5 gears then put it in 5-2 which is 3rd gear.

Then with all your might, pull the rear wheel up i.e., in forwarding motion in which direction the wheel spins normally while riding. This will start the bike. Then change the gear to neutral and keep it idling for some time so that the battery gets some charge.

This process will be easier to perform on lighter bikes as compared to the heavier ones as heavier bikes have big and heavier wheels. If you are not regular at the gym then it is a bit inconvenient.

Pushing your motorcycle

This method is beneficial for heavier bikes as in the first method, you may end up hurting your hand. This method is a safer method.

To start with, first, keep your bike in 2nd gear. We are keeping at 2nd gear as the bike gets the lowest possible speed in 2nd gear. 1st gear is for standstill and cannot be used.

Sit on your bike and hold the clutch with 2nd gear engaged. Now start riding the bike by pushing it with your feet. Upon achieving enough speed, release the clutch and again press it back fast. This method may take 1 or 2 attempts but is safer.

After the engine has started, shift to neutral and let it idle so that the battery can get some charge and the self-start may work the next time.


That was all about if your motorcycle can run without a battery. Mostly, the answer is yes. But remember it can be very tedious and so, always try to maintain your battery. These methods can be performed in emergency conditions.


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