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It is your responsibility to keep your boat safety gear in good and working condition if you are a boater. Therefore, it will be helpful in the events when you would need to use the boat safety gear. Furthermore, you should always keep your flares, first aid kit and PFDs with you as it is very essential. Therefore, it will be help in maintaining the boat’s longevity so it will remove the chances of problems while boating. And you can get these gear boat parts from PartsVU as they provide the best safety gear. Additionally, you need to make sure that your safety gear is in good condition and does not leave the smell in storage compartments. In the months of summer, make sure to hang up your gear to dry if it gets wet however.

You should wash and wipe off the gear with soapy water in the end of events or boating season. After this, you need to hang up the boating safety gear to dry quickly. Therefore, it will decrease the chances of class forming on the gear if you wash and dry them. Furthermore, this is going to help you in the future when you would need to start the boat at the right beginning of boating season. Many boaters do not take care of this process and they face a lot of problems at the beginning of boating season. Therefore, you need to take care of your safety gear for the future as well if you are a boater. There are so many things in boating safety gear and we are going to discuss some of them.

Enough PFDs for Passengers

It is very essential to have a proper D.O.T device for every person that is on the boat. Furthermore, it is a good idea of having an adult universal PFD onto the boat for its capacity. But if you have children onto the boat, you should make sure that they have a proper fitting PFD. It is important for them to have proper PFD at all time so there are less chances of disaster. Furthermore, you can easily get the PFDs and boat parts from partsVU for your boat. Therefore, you should always have some spare PFDs in the boat for the case of emergency.

Dock Lines and Fender Lines

These lines are very essential to protect the boat from dust and dirt. Therefore, you need to make sure that your dock and fender lines are in a good and working condition. If these lines are in a good condition, it will ensure that there would be no disaster while boating. Furthermore, it is a good idea to wash your fender lines with soapy water and hang up to dry at the end of the season. Because you are not going to use the fenders and dock lines until the beginning of the boating season. Therefore, you should always wash and dry them at the end of boating season. Furthermore, it will help you in the future at the beginning of boating season when you start using your boat. This will also keep the smell away from the storage compartments of your boat so you will be boating comfortably.

Signaling Devices with Sound

Having a sound signaling device is much important as having other boating safety gear. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have a sound signaling device onto the boat before starting it. The sound signaling device for the boat can be in the form of an air horn or a whistle. Furthermore, if you have an air horn then make sure it is fully charged with air.

Navigation Lights

It is very essential to have navigation lights onto your boat as you keep other safety gear with you. The boaters use the navigation lights during the time of reduced visibility such as fog or rain. Therefore, you should always check your navigation lights that they are working before going on a ride. Furthermore, the bulbs inside these lights can break with the passage of time. Thus, you should always have a few spare bulbs of navigation lights that you will need in the emergency case. The main purpose of using the navigation lights is to see other vessels and to make sure that you are seen by them as well.


If we talk about the flare, it is used in the emergency case when your flashlights are out of battery. Therefore, you should always make sure to remove the expired flares and look for the new ones. These flares are not going to work onto the boat when you will need to use them in emergency case. Furthermore, you can get new flares and boat parts from partsVU as the safety gear of your boat,


Having flashlights onto the boat with you is a must thing to make sure there is no disaster in boating. The flashlights will help you in the night time to see anywhere onto the boat. Therefore, you need to make sure that your flashlights are working properly and their batteries are fully charged. Furthermore, the flashlights with low batteries are not going to help you in the case of emergency. Thus, it is a great idea to have a spare set of batteries for the flashlights onto the boat.

Heaving Line

A heaving line is also a part of boating safety gear to use in the emergency case. Therefore, it should be a floating line and sometimes a small float to be attached with the boat. Furthermore, the purpose of using this line is to throw it towards someone who has fallen out of the boat.

Bailers and Manual Bilge Pumps

A bailer works very well in small boats to bail the water out of the boat. While in the larger boats, the boaters prefer hand pumps to bail the water out of the boat. Furthermore, it is a great idea to have both devices with you onto the boat. This will help you in the emergency case to bail the water out of the boat.

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