GRE Exam for Fall and Spring 2022

There is no fixed time to take the GRE. But if you are prepared to apply for either fall or spring of 2022 admissions universities offer, it can be different for you. Let’s face it; many students are not happy with their GRE test scores. While some go for an extra attempt, some do not have time to spare, and this is why it is crucial to understand the points that can make your GRE test more accessible.

What to Consider for 2022 Fall & Spring Intake

Abroad universities open their admission portal every two times a year; fall & spring. The fall season is generally three months, starting from September to November. The spring season goes from March to May. Now, you need to have documents and test scores prepared. Therefore taking a GRE test in the fall or spring of your admission open is not intelligent. So why do these things this late?

Students start applying for their admission a year before or six months before the deadline. This way, a student aiming for the fall intake of 2022 will be using it right now (or have already done it in fall 2021). In contrast, students seeking spring intake of 2022 are currently in between the process (or has been done in spring or fall 2021).

Best Time to Take the GRE Exam for Fall and Spring 2022

It is also not wise to take GRE a year before your admission cycle opens. Many students attempt standardized tests way early. It seems like an intelligent decision as it gives you enough time to retake the GRE test multiple times because some students are not satisfied with their results. You may think it is good, but you do not require a year. These are the things you need to consider before making a decision:

Enough Amount of Time

The studies and research shows that attempting a standardized test way early, like a year, can only mean discomfort. Not only does this gives slack to students by availing this much time, but it also demotivates. Having an option for far too long can make you lazy. For example, if my dream school will open admission for 2030 spring intake now, I’ll be happy at first. But gradually, I’ll stop putting my all effort to get into my dream school as I will have enough attempts.

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Preparation Time Also Matters

GRE test is not something you can master in a week. Keep in mind that these are the test that requires increment learning, a slow but effective process. So even if you are a genius, a GTE test is not supposed to be attempted this way. Taking the exam too early or late can jeopardize your preparation time. It would be best if you had enough time to prepare so don.t take the exam too early. Also, taking the exam late can waste your preparation time.

Expert Advice

According to several polls and surveys, it is found that retaking a GRE test does not show much of a difference in scores. Hundreds of students retake the GRE test to improve their scores. But it seems that, on average, there is not much difference in multiple attempts. Exam experts recommend putting your 100% effort into one take and going for it. You can go for the second or third time as per your wish. But keep your first attempt your central focus. And do not plan to retake the test in advance, only the first one later.

What’s The Answer Then?

For the fall intakes of 2022, the best time to take GRE is right now. Six months before the admission cycle is enough to do so. It is an idle time that gives enough time in-between, plus it does not get too long. You can start looking for your options right after you get your scores now. Also, it can give you an idea of what scores you need. Because currently, the spring admission cycle is going on.

For the spring intakes of 2022, you can still do it. We all know that even if it is called the spring intake, it does not last as long as the actual season. Most likely, universities abroad have a deadline from the start to the end of April. From this time, if you are set with all your documents and resources, you can still do it. GRE results only take 10-15 days to come from your test day. And many universities abroad keep their admissions open late.


There is never too late to do anything. For the fall of 2022, now is the best time. And even if you are late for the spring of 2022, do not stop without trying. If you are dedicated enough, it will happen. Just keep in mind that if attempting the GRE late is not good, attempting it way early is also not wise.

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