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The relationship between Kratos and Atreus is at the core of what makes God of War Ragnarök unique. Even though they are our main family, there are numerous other families throughout the Nine Realms who will also have an impact on how the events leading up to Ragnarök play out.

We’re excited to announce a new collaborative partnership in which five incredibly talented artists will capture a selection of the story’s most prominent relationships with their distinct styles in the God of War Ragnarök Family Portrait Series.

The Bear and the Wolf by Drew Merritt

Drew Merritt is a Los Angeles, California-based contemporary artist. Working in a variety of mediums, his style combines classic realism with the emotional nuance of the subjects.

For his artwork, Drew focused on the custom family portrait illustration and painted our heroes, Kratos and Atreus.

Midgard’s heroes

We had the pleasure of working with Romina Tempest, an illustrator and character designer, on B is for Boy, an illustrated account of the events in God of War. With dynamic backgrounds that produce a scene that pulls you into the moment of the scene, her cartoon-style photography captures the heart and expression of her subjects.

Romina’s work will depict the new family that Kratos and Atreus have gathered on their journey through the Nine Realms.

When is the portrait needed?

Make sure you tell the photographer when you need the portrait. It ensures that they can work around your schedule. Photos may take longer to arrive than anticipated. Please let us know when you need the photo, particularly if it’s for an engagement announcement or something similar.

Inform the photographer if you’re not sure when you’ll need the picture so they can give you some pointers. It’s preferable to let them know in advance if the timeline is constrained so they can make alternative plans.

Photographing Families Professionally

A good family portrait can capture your family’s traditions, as well as the things that bring you together. Whether it’s in your favorite room or at your favorite park, your one-of-a-kind family portrait will help you look back fondly on these times again and again.

There are countless options available when choosing the ideal setting for your family portrait session. You can decide whether to have your pictures taken inside, outside, in our studio, or somewhere else. Here are some suggestions for fantastic locations:

Locations for Indoor Family Portraits:

  • We’re Studio
  • You’re House
  • a favorite location

One of the best things about family portraits is that they can be as formal or casual as you want. If you want a more traditional, posed look, we can certainly accommodate you. But if you prefer something more relaxed and natural, we can do that as well.

Children’s Portrait Sessions with a Theme

Your child’s personality and interests can be perfectly captured in a themed portrait session. If they have a favorite book, movie, or character, we can base a session on that. A themed session centered on a noteworthy event or milestone is another option.

Aside from custom-themed portrait sessions, we also regularly feature the following themed photoshoots:

  • Dragons and knights.
  • Fairies and fellas of the woods.
  • enchanted fairies
  • Woodland Fairies.
  • Children’s and Family Christmas Sets.

Brighton, Michigan professional family portrait photographer

Taking family photos together may be a terrific way to strengthen family ties. Finding a family picture photographer in Brighton, Michigan that appreciates family memories as much as you do and is aware of the value of elegant photos is crucial. Noreen Owens will take beautiful family photos that you’ll love, whether you share them online or hang one as a stunning work of art in your living room.

Our Brighton, MI family portrait photographer is committed to providing professional, timeless family portrait photography that will be treasured for a lifetime.

The Important Moments

Your family is priceless, and you want to remember every smile, laugh, and glance that makes them unique. We understand how important it is to capture these cherished moments, which is why we designed our professional family portrait photography sessions to capture each person’s personality while also preserving the love you share for one another. In the blink of an eye, your family grows up. Capture each priceless moment in a striking, memorable portrait that you will be able to pass down for generations.

  • Services for family portraits.
  • Indoor, traditional Legacy Portraits.
  • Outdoor, Laughable Portraits.
  • Portraits of children.

Professional family portrait photography provides you with the one-of-a-kind opportunity to create a treasured memory and keep it forever. As a family portrait photographer, we believe that the best portraits showcase your family’s true personality. We specialize in capturing your family’s feelings, love, and emotions for one another. These special moments are captured in beautiful, meticulously hand-finished portrait art that you and your family can treasure for generations.

The portrait of your family that best captures who they are will be one you treasure. With our Brighton, Michigan family portrait sessions, call or email us right away to capture what makes your family special.

Family Portraits Review

We had a wonderful time working with Noreen on our photo shoot with my daughters. She was competent and imaginative, and she even spent extra time assisting me in selecting the prints I wanted to order for my house. Definitely suggestible.

Everything about our experience exceeded my expectations! Noreen was extremely friendly and helpful. She put my entire family at ease and captured our personalities as I’d never seen before. I am completely smitten by our family portraits. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

The work produced by Noreen Owen Photography is of the finest caliber and is done professionally. To commemorate my son’s college graduation, I had photographs made. Some of the portraits included my spouse and I. They came out beautifully, and we will cherish them. I received assistance from Noreen as I made my final decisions.

We had a fantastic time with Noreen Owens Photography. My daughter participated in the Who I Am project, which was fantastic! During the shoot, I felt like I was looking at someone other than my daughter. Her smile, laugh, and confidence were fantastic! It made deciding which photos to include in our album extremely difficult. Noreen excels at bringing out the best in people, even the most reserved. This project is absolutely essential for our teenagers.



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