Here are 9 home design and maintenance tips to have the safest kitchen for you and your family! Follow, and you will not regret it! 

1 – Have a smart floor plan.

Truth be told, the kitchen is one of the most hazardous areas inside any house. In it are ovens, gas stoves, air fryers and more electrical equipment for cooking or baking. If you have big sizes of these or if you have multiple of them, yours might become compact and crowded, and that’s not very good. 

To keep you hushed and to give you peace of mind, the first and most important thing to take note of is having a smart floor plan. Make sure your kitchen’s layout is advantageous and safe for you. Choose the best one that fits your needs, your family’s size and your daily usage of the kitchen. See to it that it allows you to more freely, without hassle and without high chances of bumping into appliances and dropping items just by walking by. 

Moreover, carefully and meticulously situate your stuff in accordance to your floor plan. More will be discussed about this in the following numbers. 

2 – For floor tiles, choose matte.

There are various types of floor tiles, but for a safe choice, choose matte tiles. Since the floor is the specific area in the galley where accidents, like slipping, tripping and dropping things, can happen, make sure that it is of high quality and that it can prevent those mishaps. 

3 – Set sufficient and efficient lighting.

Wherever in the house, good lighting is an inevitable must! In the kitchen, it is one of the elements that can make or break everything you do in it. Set sufficient and efficient lighting in your cookroom. 

Not only will you be able to clearly see the food you cook and the ingredients you use but also will you be able to avoid various perils in it. You can cut vegetables confidently and not your finger. You will precisely know how much salt you have poured onto your recipe. You can view your ovens and stoves clearly, and notice if there’s something wrong with their function. 

Poor visibility can lead to poor navigation. Consequently, that can lead to mistakes, accidents and injuries or menaces in the kitchen. Do not just pick stylish lighting pendants or chandeliers. Choose ample and wide-reaching lighting that covers the whole space! 

4 – Keep appliances away from sources of water.

When water and electricity come in contact with each other, danger awaits. Electrocution, short circuits and fire can occur.

In the kitchen, both water and electricity are present around. Of course, the faucet is there, and drinking water is there. At the same time, appliances, like refrigerators, electric stoves, microwave ovens, rice cookers, blenders and toasters, are used and stored there. 

Because of that, keep appliances away from sources of water. Station them in a dry place. If you have a small space, have your new home builders or trusted carpenters create a separate storage area for your kitchen appliances. 

5 – Don’t place the stove near curtains and doors.

As you formulate a smart floor plan, you will need to focus on how to maintain kitchen safety and how to move in case an emergency happens in it. Of course, no one is wishing for any trouble and misfortune to happen, but you have to always be ready for anything. 

Do not place the stove, any kind of stove, near curtains and doors. First, curtains. The stove emits heat and fire. Once the wind blows the curtains to the direction of the activated stove, fire will surely happen. Second, doors. Doors are the entrance and the exit of the kitchen. In the face of fire and other kinds of kitchen emergencies, you will run out of the kitchen, and you must be able to! If the stove is beside the door or is on the way to the door, vapor or fire can block it. You can get trapped in it. Be smart and prepared. 

6 – Select heat-resistant materials for kitchen countertops.

Kitchen countertops are so important because they are serviceable work stations that can also store appliances and even kitchen decorations. It will be beneficial if your countertops are scratch-resistant to keep their beauty, but before minding that, think about them being heat-resistant. 

Select heat-resistant materials for kitchen countertops. Granite is one of the best picks when it comes to heat resistance. You can directly put hot frying pans and kettles on them after taking them out of the hot stove. Concrete is another option. It is very tough and durable. It lasts for a very long period of time. 

7 – Organize gadgets’ and appliances’ cords

If you are using certain cooking gadgets and appliances in the kitchen, make sure you responsibly organize them and their cords and wires. Be smart. Do not just let them fall to the floor or be exposed harmfully. Keep electrical plugs and sockets far from faucets, from the sink and from other areas where you wash food and dishes. 

8 – Have a skylight or a big window installed.

Tell your new home builder or a trusted roofer to install a big window or a skylight for you! A big window in the kitchen allows vapor and heat to be released out from the house. This prevents unnecessary heat buildup. You will not feel suffocated and will be comfortable while cooking as well.  

9 – Sweep, vacuum and mop the kitchen floor regularly.

Whenever you cook, fry or bake in the kitchen, the floor gets oily, floury or simply dirty. Because of that, don’t forget to sweep, vacuum and mop it regularly. Avoid slipping and prevent anyone else, especially kids, slipping and hurting yourself/themselves in the kitchen


Although your home is the safest place where you could be, it is not exempted from a few safety challenges because of man-made errors and unforeseen accidents. And the kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas in the house. That’s specifically because there are gas stoves, ovens, electrical appliances, kitchen chemicals and more risky items on top of the cooking, baking and cleaning activities done in it. Definitely, you have to be very careful when using your kitchen. 

But remember that no matter how cautious and heedful some people are, they get into kitchen troubles because the kitchens themselves are of poor quality. Ensure that your kitchen is built and designed professionally and that everything you install in it are certified items to keep you safe from fires and explosions caused by mediocre kitchen objects and machines. Guarantee all electrical installations and connections are affixed without issue.

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