As a new parent, you must admit that your small toddler’s 1st birthday is the most memorable moment after becoming a new parent. So, parents desire to make the 1st birthday celebration a splendid and memorable one for not just the immediate family and the baby but all buddies and relatives who have poured the baby with love and blessing throughout the year. Suppose your baby’s 1st birthday is fast approaching. In that case, you must have already started preparing for the celebration by purchasing and putting up embellishments, sending invitations, skimming at food options, and so on. Are you still thinking about how to make this special event even more unforgettable for you and everyone else? Here, we will present the most thoughtful and special 1st birthday return gift ideas to please the children and parents!

Personalized bibs and towels

Go for personalized gifts if you desire to move in with return gifts. Gift your little visitors with bibs, robes, or monogrammed with their initials. Numerous online gift delivery services in India offer customization of these products. These are certain to entice the kids and thus make for another good choice for returning gifts to kids and making your child’s 1st birthday one to recall.

Photo Booth

This is a little expensive idea, but a positive and unique way of thanking the visitors for coming to your party. You will require a couple of assistants for this idea. Arranged a photo booth in line with the party theme and a few props. Get one helper to place each kid in the booth and click a photo. Get the other assistant to transfer the image to the computer and take a printout instantly. Please put it in a lovely envelope or a photo frame, and you are done! 

Water Bottles Tied To Balloons

This gift attracts both parents and kids. Everyone requires a bottle for storing water. Pick a fancy one in your budget and tie a helium balloon with the kid’s name. You may also tie a little bag of chocolates to the balloon. The parents can utilize the bottle, and the kids can play with the balloon and enjoy the chocolates.

Simple Puzzles

Toddlers have adequate skill to handle big puzzle pieces, so easy puzzles with 4-8 pieces will be fantastic for this age group. Try to get photos of common things like vehicles, animals, fruits, etc., or get one in the theme of your celebration.

Candy jar

This is the most popular gift these days. What else can a child desire if he gets a jar full of candies? You can also put candies of various shades, e.g., gems, so the jar will look more appealing and colorful.


If your visitor list consists of a few people, a perfect return gift idea would be to present them with a custom-made caricature of themselves. You can either have them personalize in advance using photos of your visitors or make them by a caricature artist at the celebration.

Personalized ChalkBoard

You can bring laser-cut chalkboards with any customization you desire. You can get the names of each child, a cartoon personality, the alphabet, numbers, etc. Children love to scribble and learn new things; thus, this is among the best 1st birthday return gift ideas.  

Piggy Banks

A Piggy bank is a useful birthday gift as the kids learn to understand the importance of money and the significance of saving. If you want many older children to the party, you can also set up a pottery booth where children can make their piggy banks!


Customized mugs are lovely and can always make you go aww! Customization can be on the party’s theme or have your baby’s title and a quote. You can even personalize the gifts for your kid’s 1st birthday celebration. Each bowl or cup can be imprinted or marked by the name of the kid who receives it or by the name of the family invited!

Final Words

Return gifts are not represented to be just simple, charitable gifts but rather something that reminds your visitor of the memorable occasion. It can be something other than grand or expensive too. Whatever you select, make sure it is memorable, interesting, and something that remembers your baby’s 1st birthday.

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