It is always said to drink lots of water and to stay hydrated at all times. But have you ever thought why is it so? One of the biggest reasons is the functioning of the organ is done through the proper consumption of water. But have you ever noticed when you exercise or indulge in an activity where there is a lot of loss of sweat you feel weak and slow? Well, this is because of the loss of electrolytes that occurs with the loss of water from the body.

The best nephrologist in Karachi explains electrolytes as salts and minerals that include magnesium, sodium, and chloride maintaining the fluid balance in the body. If there is an imbalance in the electrolytes or any of them then it is seen that the body gets extremely dehydrated, in some cases overly hydrated. It is important to replenish as soon as you get to know that you are experiencing electrolyte imbalance.

The next time you feel like having an electrolyte imbalance the do try these foods options for replenishment.


It is said that bananas are the king of fruits when it comes to the potassium amount present in them. There is 422mg of potassium present in one banana. This is the major reason why the banana is the king. Banana intake can make the muscle function better and can control blood pressure. 

Without the intake of potassium, you are very much likely to experience sub-optimal muscle function.

The best thing about bananas is that they are very easy to carry and consume. They are the best example of a foods item that is very easy to consume.


Just because the winter season is here, doesn’t mean that you stop consuming the watermelon fruit. This is said to work great if you consume it before and after the workout sessions. It is said to provide with the needed thirst and hydration that one needs when they sweat a lot after finishing a workout. Watermelons are great for you as they contain natural sugars and nutrients that are good for you. It is high in potassium and water content. After you work out make a habit of consuming this water-filled fruit in order to keep your electrolytes balanced.

Dairy Products

Dairy products especially milk and yogurt are great sources of calcium which comes in the needed electrolytes for the body. If you see a glass of milk contains almost 300mg of calcium which is a great amount to be consumed as one of the meals in the day. When it comes to yogurt it contains 450mg in a cup full of it. These can be consumed after the workout as a post-workout snack.

If you don’t like yogurt, you can make t tasty and tempting by adding other fruits to it.


A very mysterious fruit that is being consumed a lot these days is the avocado. It is full of potassium and can replenish the lost nutrients and electrolytes quite easily. It should be noticed that 1 avocado contains almost 975mg of potassium that is a lot to consume in one day. This can easily fulfill your need to take potassium. It is better if you consume one-fourth of avocado a day for breakfast. Do add it to a slice of bread in order to take the needed potassium in moderate amounts.

The amount of electrolytes that one needs in a day depends on a number of factors like age, water consumption in a day, climate, and also the activity level that a person has.  Most people get enough electrolytes in a day. But it is important to keep a proper check of the electrolytes because if these don’t get balanced often can get you in a lot of trouble and affect your daily life. Make sure to indulge yourself in consuming the options that are healthy for you. 


It is very important for human beings to keep a check on the number of electrolytes that they are consuming. These can be easily consumed by opting for foods options that contain a lot of water content. Go for these foods to make yourself feel better after the replenishment.

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